Indian Fashion Blogs

Amongst the Indian blogosphere topics like fashion gossips and celebrity news are quite a hit ,with Vogue India leading the online fashion editorial space. Though there has been a rise of Fashion bloggers in India it’s predominantly occupied by pictorial blogs with teens , fashion students showing personal styles and street style photography.

The following factors have made the fashion blogs popular in India today- and Pinkvilla –For Bollywood ,fashion and entertainment news
Fashion Bombay –Budget Buy’s listing
MasalaChai and WearaboutIndia –Street style photography reflecting fashion trends.
Vintage obsession , Purple peeptoes , The republic of chic – Dairy style personal fashion blogs

However it’s observed that very few Indian designers blog and there is no Bryan Boy or Tavi of Indian Fashion yet.Research shows that to the Indian audience , Fashion via Blogs is the most interesting feature of fashion communication online. This in itself explains that Fashion blogging needs more attention and exploration where Indian designers and Fashion editors already existing in the industry could blog more often to enlighten our foreign friends with the enriching Indian fashion.

Interestingly 2010 also saw launch of Polyvore like (desi)Indian fashion websites like, fashion community site like and DIY site like Though these sites may not have a big community like the private sales sites they all have around 3000 FB fans. The users have been fashion lovers & women from age of 16-25.

Study suggests that online shopping sites can integrate such kind of communities to attract more fashionistas and keep the consumer engaged. Though has achieved good web design , the other sites webstyle can be improved when compared to International sites.

Blog list:

Pictures:-Highheelconfidential ,Fashion-bombay, Masala Chai, Pinkvilla